The first gameplay of Haven has been revealed


Furi developers The Game Bakers have revealed the first gameplay of their next title, Haven. The game is an adventure RPG about “everyday love and rebelling against the rules.”

You play as two lovers who have done a runner and escaped to a planet, the pair are so in love the only thing that matters is that the stay together. The video shows the pair… well, it’s very clear they like each other put it that way. We also get to see them gliding over the grasslands of the planet and sweeping past some of the local wildlife, it looks a bit like a nice planet from No Man’s Sky.

Although the game is meant to be played solo a second player can join the fun in local co-op. If you are playing by youself the game lets you fight as both characters at the same time, chaining actions using tactics and timing. The game, which launches next year on Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC, will have an ‘electro’ soundtrack, check out the new video.

Source: YouTube

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