The PlayStation ChinaJoy conference will be taking place on August 1st

China is a market that a lot of gaming companies want to get a large and secure foothold in, which is unsurprising due to the huge population of over a billion people that could be potential customers. One of those companies is Sony and now it has confirmed that it will be hosting its PlayStation ChinaJoy conference on August 1st, where we’ll see a number of announcements for new and upcoming titles, some of which will likely head westwards.  Let’s just hope they’re better than Don’t Even Think. The conference itself will be for two hours.


A number of teaser images have been released that show what games could be gracing the conference with their presence. The detectives over at ResetEra have been going through these teasers and seem to have uncovered some of the titles that will be shown during the two hours. Before we get to those let’s have a look at those teaser images shall we, which can be grabbed from below. They show a whole variety of art styles.

So, what did the ResetEra users find? Well some of the games that are being teased appear to be the following titles:

Blazing Beaks is one of the titles and is already available on PC and Switch. PS4 and Xbox One versions were confirmed earlier this year. The game is a roguelite title where birds are facing off against mutants while using various weapons. You can watch the trailer for that below.

Super Buckyball Tournament is the next game to have been uncovered and is in development by Pathea Games. It’s a 3v3 online multiplayer title where two teams look to score goals using different characters. Do not be surprised at the comparisons to Rocket League as this is what the game looks like minus the cars. Super Buckyball Tournament is already confirmed for PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Switch. You can sign up for the Alpha test right now on the official site.

Wonder Blade appears to be one of the other games teased and it looks like a fast-paced 2D action platformer. The title is expected to launch fully on PC on August 8th. It’s already available on IOS devices for £4.99, and £4.59 on Android devices.

The Genesis MOBA looks like it will be getting another showing as well, though it was previously shown and has already been confirmed for the PS4 for some time now. You can check out the trailer for that below. There are also a load of gameplay videos on Rampage Games’ YouTube channel.

Juicy Realm, a game in which you face off against fruit, looks like it will also be present at the show though again has been previously confirmed for PS4 and Switch. The game is already available on PC via Steam already.

The last revealed game is the most mysterious but it seems to be a game called Gods of the Arena by Viking Games. In the gallery above its the image where gladiators are fighting. The developer itself is all about VR games having developed games such as Bullet Sorrow VR and Space Jones VR. While  Bullet Sorrow VR is available on Vive and Oculus it isn’t on PSVR, while Space Jones VR does not seem to have got a release in the West, so it remains to be seen if Gods of the Arena does.

Hopefully, we’ll get some surprises on August 1st.

Source: ResetEra/Gematsu

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