Travel the world through narrative adventure Wanderlust, out this August

Summer is the ideal time for going on trips and travelling to new destinations, but sometimes it’s just not possible. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t engage with some traveller’s tales and that’s what you’ll be able to do in Wanderlust which will be releasing on PC via Steam, and iOS on August 28th for £16/$19.99. The narrative adventure has been designed by the likes of The Witcher veterans Artur Ganszyniec and Jacek Brzeziński, though don’t expect to be fighting any monsters.


In Wanderlust players are guiding the travellers through their stories by making choices for them, managing where they stay, their finances, and also their mental health so they can enjoy their trips instead of getting stressed out about surviving away from home. Each character will have a different story to share, and the choices you make for them will affect where they will end up travelling to as well as who they meet along the way. The visuals of Wanderlust are like a book with screens having photographic backgrounds to give the impression of a flowing narrative.

Source: Press Release

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