Xenon Racer’s first content update adds Nevada as a location

Xenon Racer has received a brand new content update, its first in fact, and there’s something new for all players as the content is free. The first major addition is the new location of Nevada and alongside that four new tracks to race along at speed. If that isn’t enough a new Helix vehicle is also available so you can change up your on-track presence a little bit, and speed past the other racers in style. That’s if you find the new car stylish that is.


Maybe this content update will make the game a bit better as in our review it failed to score above average. Overly heavy feeling cars and some suspect handling didn’t really do Xenon Racer any favours. Dom wrote at the time, “There’s a ton of potential in Xenon Racer, but while it looks and sounds the part, its difficulty level and overly weighty handling keep it firmly stuck in the slow lane.”

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