Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour’s launch trailer’s has an interesting music choice

Fishing. It’s not exciting is it? Maybe a minute of two of mild peril every four hours if you catch something, the rest of the time not a lot happens. The trailer for Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour, which is out now on PlayStation 4, would like to convince you otherwise.


The rather feisty music that is heard on the trailer is “My Time” by Wolves, a song about ‘breaking chains’ and ‘running free’. “I’m making history while I’m alive, cuz now’s my times!” chants the lead singer, clearly rapping about catching a nice big Carp.

“I see the flame and it’s shining bright, I’m feeling the heat burn up inside,” he continues, a metaphor for landing a nice Sea Bream, “While I’m on this train I’m gonna keep riding, but when there’s trouble gonna strike with lightning,” he adds, indicating the quick reflexes you need when fishing for Perch.

Well I don’t know about you but I am convinced, but fishing is totes rock’n’roll now, some get me a rod!

Source: YouTube

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