Wales Interactive reveals the release date for FMV adventure hybrid Headspun

Wales Interactive does love its FMV titles and the latest to come from the studio is a game called Headspun which will be an FMV/adventure hybrid. In the game, players are trying to piece together the memory of Theo Kavinsky while also keeping the balance between the rational and emotional sides of his brain. These two sides are represented by Ted and Teddy who both try in their own way to fix the Cortex, and navigate the conversations and events Theo finds himself in.


As the story progresses Theo, with the help of Ted and Teddy, needs to find out how he got into a five-week coma, and what accident caused it. If it was an accident that is. Ted and Teddy aren’t the only ones who will be required to fix Cortex as through the game they’ll earn Neuros to hire other staff to help out. Headspun is coming to a number of platforms including PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC with the release confirmed as August 28th, while there will be discounted pre-orders going live on August 14th.

Source: Press Release

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