Overwatch’s latest hero has been revealed and it is Sigma

Blizzard has just dropped an origin story trailer for a brand new character that is heading to the massively popular online first-person shooter. The character is called Sigma who has been described as an “eccentric astrophysicist” with his main aim being to unlock the various mysteries and secrets of the universe. Unfortunately for Sigma other forces have their own aims for Sigma and that is to turn him into a weapon. Sigma is aligned with Talon in Overwatch lore. It’s not clear what kind of role Talon will have but I’d stake it on either Tank or Damage.

We’re likely to get more details about Sigma soon where his role and abilities will be confirmed by Blizzard. Considering he’s a scientist that appears to have some control over gravity it wouldn’t be a shock for his powers to be based around that force. He is also seen trying to control black holes in the video, so maybe they’ll make an appearance too during games causing untold amounts of damage.


The last character that was added to Overwatch’s roster was Bastien, who made it to the game back in March. This new character isn’t the only recent update that has been released for Overwatch. Just a few days ago Blizzard introduced the role queue feature which looked to improve team line ups so there is a balance of types. In the role queue players choose whether they want to be a Tank, Damage, or Support. Once that selection is made an estimated time is given before you join a match. Once in a match, you’ll be able to swap which character you are but can only choose characters that fit that role. If you chose a tank character you cannot then decide to be a support character partway through a game.

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