Get a look at WRC 8’s redesigned career mode

As much as racing game developers look to grab the multiplayer and esports crowd these days, sometimes you just want to race alone and curse whenever the AI is faster than you. Rally games in particular are well suited to solo play, and so KT Racing (AKA Kylotonn Games) have dug into their premier rallying series and redesigned the career mode in WRC 8.


The career in WRC 8 is intended to mimic real life, letting you join and lead a WRC team and progressing through multiple seasons. A key part of that is now being able to decide which events on the calendar you wish to take part in between rallies, including training, manufacturer challenges, classic events and simply having a bit of a rest. Though not usually a driver’s job, you’ll also have to manage the team’s crwew of six connected job roles, deciding which personnel will help you and which of their characteristics could help give you an edge in a rally. You’ll also upgrade the crew through R&D and a skill tree which can have an impact on progression and morale, which in turn can affect your car’s performance and reliability. Oh, and you’ll be able to pour over all the stats after a rally and see where you can try to improve.

WRC 8 is a pretty big release for KT Games, after they took a year off from the WRC series to develop the more arcade V-Rally 4 last year instead. Now they’re back with this redesigned career mode, new extreme and dynamic weather conditions, 14 countries and over 100 special stages to race in, weekly challenges, esports and so on.

WRC 8 will be coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC in September.

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