New Super Lucky’s Tale is heading to Nintendo Switch this November

Playful’s ode to classic 3D adventure platformers, New Super Lucky’s Tale will be coming to Nintendo Switch on 8th November, two years and one day after its original Xbox One and PC release in 2017.


Though it’s got “new” in the title, New Super Lucky’s Tale isn’t really a new game, but rather a mixture of expansion and remake of Super Lucky’s Tale. It will follow the story of Lucky as he seeks to recover the Book of Ages from Jinx and his Kitty Litter minions, going off on a family friendly platforming adventure.

Of that original game, Dom’s review said, “Super Lucky’s Tale is a charming and sweet indie platformer that provides hours of retro platforming joy. It’s probably had far too much weight put upon its shoulders as the Xbox One X’s sole launch title, and is by no means perfect; a fact that’s been amplified by the recent antics of a dungaree-wearing plumber. However, while the genre has undoubtedly moved on, taken on its own merit Super Lucky’s Tale is simple, inescapable fun.”

Source: press release

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