The Division 2 offline for maintenance right now, back in a few hours

Ubisoft’s The Division 2 is going offline for maintenance right about now, 8.30am BST. That’s 09:30 AM CEST / 03:30 AM EDT / 12:30 AM PDT in other parts of the globe, and we’re expecting the game to be offline for approximately 3 hours.

The update isn’t patching a huge number of bugs but does bring back the Raid completion leaderboards.

  • Re-introduced the leaderboard for number of raid completions. In order to update your leaderboard from displaying 0 completions, an addition completion of Washington National Airport is required. Note the number of completions does not apply to Discovery mode.
  • Fixed an issue causing the crafting bench not being upgradeable to Gear Score 500 for some players.
  • Fixed an exploit that would allow players to receive a large amount of items by shooting a Supply Drop.
  • Fixed incorrect scrolling in the project menu on PC.

Ubisoft have also released a list of known issues along with some workarounds

Camp White Oak / Manning National Zoo: Infinite loading screen if the session owner leaves the group during “En route to (mission)”
Workaround: Open the map and return to the White House

Classified Assignments: Stuck in area if kicked
Players can become stuck in the Classified Assignment areas if kicked from a group.
Workaround: Log out of the game to reset your position.

Classified Assignments: If kicked for being idle while in a Classified Assignment mission, the mission timer will reset and become unavailable.
This is not intended behaviour and is being investigated.

Collectibles: Unable to collect the last phone recording collectible of Kelso’s story
Players are unable to collect the collectible in question.

Expeditions: The player cannot access Treasure Room or loot the SHD Cache after disconnect
If the player is disconnected during an expedition they will be unable to enter the treasure room or to loot the SHD cache.
Workaround: Reset the branch

Expeditions: The rewards for completing an expedition branch is the same on all world tiers.
This is not intended and will be fixed in a future update.

Expeditions: Progress may be reset if the player disconnects after completing one or more objective
This is not intended behaviour as your progress should be saved.

Xbox One: Corrupted Audio on Found Footage
Players on Xbox One can experience corrupted audio when playing back found footage collectibles.

Revive Hive Not Working:
We are aware that there is an issue with the Revive Hive and we’re currently investigating it.
Status: Improvements made in Episode 1, monitoring feedback

Missions do not play their audio anymore when hovering over them
This is an intended change, community feedback was that the constantly repeating audio could become annoying.

Field Proficiency toasts are not showing the rewards, e.g. the cache and event apparel keys.
Players still receive these rewards, this bug is visual only.

We’re looking into a bug with the Liberty’s Blind Justice talent.

The monorail in the National Zoo can be used without other party members being ready.

Some players are reporting their collectibles having reset.
If you have this issue, can you let us know if your Theatre Settlement was downgraded to Level 3 as well?

The Theatre Settlement has been downgraded to level 3 for some players, but players still have access to all upgrades from the settlement.

We’ve received reports of Audio issues, e.g. crackling enemy voices, distortion, and no gun sounds. We appreciate any details you can provide for these issues, including platform, hardware (also your headphones and software), when it happens, how often it happens, etc.

Blueprint rewards are not being shown on Projects and Control Points but are correctly awarded when finishing these activities.

Players are reporting crashes when viewing Projects via the mega map or NPC interacts after joining a co-op session.

In the National Zoo it can happen that an enemy Outcast will get stuck in the floor or behind a door.

Players are reporting a missing collectible in the Base of Operation.

Stuck in Raid Matchmaking
Players are reporting being stuck in a matchmaking queue when matchmaking for the Discovery Difficulty of Washington National Airport.
Players are reporting being stuck within Washington National Airport when matchmaking into an ongoing raid and are unable to participate in the ongoing encounter.
Workaround: Fast travel from the mega map.

Players are reporting high queues when entering Raid matchmaking.

Players are reporting being unable to teleport to checkpoints after matchmaking into a Discovery Raid if there is a battle in progress.
Status: This is not a defect.

We’re seeing reports of players being unable to pick up Specialization ammunition, especially for the Demolitionist.

Players are reporting bounties that are requiring several billion intel.
This is not intended and we are looking into this issue.

Players are reporting Invisible collisions in front of several metro train doors in Downtown East as well as in front of restaurant on corner of G ST NW and 9th ST NW.
Workaround: Players can vault over the invisible collision and proceed as normal.

The Drone Operator has no player-facing subtitles when speaking.

Washington National Airport Raid Keys: We’re aware that some players have issues with the keys available in Washington National Airport.

Players have been reporting that their daily projects for missions are resetting. We’re investigating.

Source: Ubisoft

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