BiliBili reveals The Oriental Exorcist and Broken Delusion for PC and consoles

Chinese publisher BiliBili has revealed two new games that are due to release this year and next. The first of these games is Broken Delusion and it has been confirmed for PC, PS4, and Switch. The game itself is an adventure title in which players are placed in the role of a high school student who is also an elite hacker, because of course, they are. This hacker makes a mistake though and creates a new identity of someone that doesn’t exist in the system, leading to all sorts of issues in this future city. Broken Delusion is set to release in 2019 though whether it is getting a localised release in English is another matter, as the Steam listing states it doesn’t support English.


The second game that was confirmed by BiliBili is a sidescrolling action game called Oriental Exorcist, and it is in development at Wildfire Games. Oriental Exorcist is set in an alternative world where demons roam using your sword to take the threats on. It looks like this game could be getting a Western release as according to the Steam page it is listed as supporting English. It also has an alternative name on the page which is the Eastern Exorcist. Whether that’s the name it will get for the West is unknown, but either could fit.

The Oriental Exorcist is due in 2020 for PS4 and PC.

Source: Gematsu

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