Time gets trippy in Fortnite Season X which is out now

Epic Games has confirmed that Season X has now arrived for Fortnite, and it is bringing all sorts of chaos with it. The theme of this season is time itself being warped with Zero Point continuously changing. Players will see the return of past locations as they warp back into existence. One such location is Dusty Depot which players should be able to get to from today. That’s not all Season X will bring though as a new vehicle has been added and that is the Brute mech. It can seat two players who can work together to take out the competition, and players coming up against it will have a hard time. It looks like this Brute can smash through buildings with some ease.


There will also be Rip Zones appearing that will alter areas and players across the map in various ways. One such way that seems to be hinted at in the trailer is no-build zones, so you won’t be able to provide yourself with cover if you’re caught there, but instead have to duke it out with whoever else finds themselves in that same area. In addition Epic has confirmed that Creative mode will see new events coming during Season X. In Save The World mode there is a new limited event where players have to get their characters to the Radio Tower so they can broadcast the Song of Summer, while braving the storm which can hide some very valuable loot. The Locker has also arrived in this mode and it has emotes, music packs, and loading screens.

New season also means new battle pass and Season X’s battle pass will cost 950 Vbucks. If you’re spending actual cash that’ll be approximately £8. Those who purchase this battle pass will gain instant access to X-Lord and Catalyst outfits. Levelling up will net new pickaxes, gliders, loading screens,  and outfit styles. Once Tier 100 is reached the Ultima Knight outfit will be unlocked. This battle pass also adds the new feature of missions which can be completed to earn extra rewards. Until August 15th people can gift the battle pass to friends too.

Source: Epic Games

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