Gameplay of PS4 online team shooter Convallaria revealed

Announced as part of the second wave of PlayStation China Hero Project titles, Convallaria is an online team shooter with PvE and PvP modes. We’ve got a new trailer from the ChinaJoy event which you can watch below, it looks a bit like the results of a fourway between Anthem, Destiny 2, Fortnite, and Final Fantasy.


Here’s a little more on the game.

The year 2019 meant not only hope, but also challenge, to the Chengdu-based development team Loong Force working on the Convallaria project.

Unlike other shooting games, Convallaria aims to attract players with different emotional clutters, realistic experiences, and stronger and smoother battle gameplay.

The development concept of combining the worldview with the scene structure, enemy structure, and battle system, and eventually spread to other action games and even more complicated fighting games, was one of the tasks the development team had to solve.

The team has repeatedly adjusted the balance between aesthetics and frames of figure animation. Many previously-made games have been studied, compared, and even abandoned to keep iterating to eventually pick the best fruit.

What Convallaria wants is to present all the PlayStation players with an action / shooting game that is unique and made by a development team from its homeland. Waiting for players at the place where Convallaria blossoms, besides cathartic battles, there is also an emotional expression along with our Convallaria project to sing together a song of “love that couldn’t be delivered.”

The game is being developed by the Loong Force, an indie studio in China, on the Unreal engine, and will be published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The game is only scheduled for release in China at the moment but Sony may bring it to the west.

Fact of the day: Convallaria is the official name for the plant ‘Lilly of the Valley’

An understated and elegant plant with the most exquisite scent. It has a number of common names which charmingly capture its attributes – dangle bells, fairy bells, ladder to heaven. Convallaria are tough, hardy and will grow in partial to full shade although they will benefit from a little TLC until established.

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