Tekken 7 & Soul Calibur VI new season pass characters confirmed

During EVO 2019 Bandai Namco confirmed both Season Pass 3 for Tekken 7 and Season Pass 2 for Soul Calibur VI. Both will be getting significant updates as well as new characters being added to the roster. Let’s start with Tekken 7 and its third season pass which will add two characters to the selection, as well as a free major update that is going to improve the move sets for all characters in the game. The trailer below shows off some of those changes if you want a sneak peak.

Making her return to Tekken is Zafina who previously appeared in Tekken 6 and Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Her character has had a bit of change due to the lore of the series as she has absorbed the demon Azazel,  who influences Zafina’s move set. You can see it all in the trailer above. Zafina will be available in September. The second part of season pass 3 adds a brand new character and that is Leroy Smith, a man who has been training martial arts for 50 years after his family was killed in a gang war, and now is back for revenge. He’ll be available in winter 2019. While prices haven’t been confirmed characters usually cost £4.99 individually. Season pass one was priced at £19.99 and season pass two was priced at £24.99 though both are currently on sale. It could be that Season Pass 3 will have a similar price point.

The first announcement for Soul Calibur VI was the confirmation that Cassandra will be available from today, August 5th, and will bring a new story called Soul Chronicle. In addition Season Pass 2 was also confirmed and, like Tekken 7, there will be an update alongside that adds new systems into the game. That wasn’t all as the first guest character of season pass 2 was confirmed, and it will be a cross over with Samurai Shodown as Haohmaru will be making his mark on the Stage of History.


Source: Bandai Namco

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