The August PlayStation Plus games are now live, download links here!

The August PlayStation Plus games are now live so we wave toodle-pip to Horizon Chase Zero Turbo Dawn (or whatever it was called) and the friendly androids of Detroit, and say a cheery hello to the WipEout Omega Collection and Sniper Elite 4.

You can download the two games by following these links:


Reception to this month’s selection of games has been generally positive especially from those who own PlayStation VR headsets and are looking forward to racing around in the tracks of Wipeout.

We gave the WipEout Omega Collection 9/10 in our original review but that was before the game was updated with a PlayStation VR patch.

“Given the limitations of PSVR and VR in general, Wipeout almost has no right to work as well as it does, and yet it exceeded all my expectations,” said Tef. “Not only does it just show just how flexible VR – as if games like Skyrim VR, Doom VFR and Farpoint hadn’t already done that – it’s almost effortlessly one of the best VR experiences going, taking a game that many people will know inside and out and giving you a truly new perspective. This is the kind of game and experience that people think of when dreaming of what VR could mean for gaming.”

Sniper Elite 4 also gained praise and a 8/10 review score. “Sniper Elite 4 is easily the best in the series so far,” said out reviewer. “It’s still the same methodical stealth game at its core, but Rebellion have added to that with more possibilities for the player, bigger and more open maps, and a handful of new modes”.

Don’t forget that Sniper Elite has a multiplauyer mode that lessens the need to be a crackshot with the titular gun. Along with the standard deathmatch modes Control has you racing to capture and hold a radio station to call in artillery, and it cuts against the grain of traditional sniper play, with a much more frantic pace, to the point that your secondary weapon might be preferred. You’ll still want to be good with a sniper rifle, but it’s less essential here than in other modes, making things perhaps a bit more accessible for those who feel like dipping a toe in.

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