GRIS and Dear Esther both confirmed for iOS devices

Two much liked indie titles will be making the jump to mobile soon with Devolver Digital confirmed Gris would be arriving on iOS on August 22nd while The Chinese Room announced that Dear Esther will be released on the same platform at some point this year. Both companies took to Twitter to make the announcements.


GRIS is currently up for pre-order at $4.99 and will work on iOS devices that run iOS 10 or later. It will clock in at 2.9 GB and support English, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, and Traditional Chinese languages. GRIS made quite an impression when it was reviewed with Stefan writing:

GRIS is a wonderful artistic achievement, with a simply sublime visual style and soundtrack that grows and evolves through the course of an emotional story.

You can read the GRIS review here.

Dear Esther is also coming to mobile devices for the first time since its release back in 2012. Sumo Digital and The Chinese Room confirmed that since it launched Dear Esther had sold over a million copies across the platforms it had been released on. Dear Esther is an exploration title where the story isn’t quite the same on each playthrough where players must piece together clues in the environment to get an idea of what is happening. A release date and price is yet to confirmed though the game is scheduled to arrive at some point in 2019.

Source: Twitter/ Sumo Digital

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