Terminate the authorities in top down shooter Battle Planet -Judgement Day, out September

Game developer THREAKS has released a gameplay trailer for its upcoming top down shooter Battle Planet – Judgement Day. The game has players jump from planet to planet as a space outlaw who is attempting to evade the military, police, and aliens on a quest to escape to freedom. The gameplay shown in the trailer shows the character running around small planets destroying enemies that range from people on the ground, jets, and giant monsters with each having different amount of life to take down. It also appears you won’t be able to stand still and hope for the best as the enemies will close in on you quickly.


Battle Planet Judgement Day is a rogue lite title so no two runs will be the same, but you can get some help as the game will feature two player local co-op which is also shown in the trailer. As you progress and die more perks and abilities will be unlocked so your next run gets a bit easier until you’re truly overpowering enemies. Battle Planet Judgement Day will be released in September for PS4, PC via Steam, and Switch.

Source: Press Release

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