For Honor Jormungandr hero guide

The Jormungandr is the 25th hero to join the ranks in Ubisoft’s flagship fighting game. Playable as both female (Hulda) and male (Gretar) this hammer-wielding fighter is also the seventh member of the Viking faction.

For Honor is currently into its third round of post launch content, the arrival of the Jormungandr marking Year 3 Season 3. Next to The Black Prior and the Hitokiri, this is the third heavy class character in a row that’s been added to the game. That said, the team at Ubisoft Montreal continues to surprise us with new challengers that feel fresh, adding their own twist to For Honor’s fighting mechanics.


The Jormungandr isn’t as tanky as some of the other heroes in its class though enjoys a hardened health bar and moderate damage resistance.

Described as both a harasser and a disabler, the Jormungandr can deliver a swift death to untrained opponents. However, during more challenging battles, you’ll need to rely on their ability to sap the enemy’s stamina, leaving them open to the Jormungandr’s signature move: the Hamarr slam.

Jormungander – the basics

There aren’t many moves to remember here; the Jormungandr favouring two strike combos that can be performed using light or heavy attacks.

It’s always tempting to go in for a heavy attack, though top tier player will always avoid using them unless they’re guaranteed to hit. Luckily, the Jormungandr’s light attack combo is pretty reliable and as long as your second strike is a light attack it will be undodgeable. This simple combo alone can help disorient targets who are expecting to parry one of the Jormungandr’s mighty hamarr blows.

As touched on before, what really sets the Jormungandr apart is their stamina depleting Jotunn melee attacks. After any first hit, pressing the grab button will follow up with a brutal gut punch. While this can’t chain directly into another attack, it knocks off a nice chunk off the enemy’s stamina bar.

The less stamina your opponent has, the more they’re likely to fumble under pressure. That’s For Honor mind games 101. However, the Jormungandr’s main goal is to drop their foe to the ground, leaving them temporarily exposed to a high damage Hamarr slam.

Again, there are some minor mechanics that set the Jormungandr apart in this respect. While other heroes need to grab and throw an exhausted opponent to the ground (with a few exceptions) the Jormungandr can used heavy finishers or the aforementioned Jotunn moves to get the job done instead.

Once you’re comfortable with the base attacks and combos, you’ll want to start introducing feints. Cancelling a heavy then going in for a double light combo is effective though you should also chuck in stamina depleting grabs and punches. The more unpredictable you are, the more difficult it is for your opponent to respond.

Best Jormungandr abilities

The Jormungandr has a varied selection of 16 abilities to choose from and, as with any character, you’ll want to mix and match depending on the game mode and situation.

One of the two highlighted abilities here is the Zealot’s Bolt, a projectile attack that pushes your target back while completely draining their stamina. If followed up properly, it can be used to secure an easy kill.

The other is Twilight of the Gods. The Jormungandr will bring their hamarr crashing to the ground, creating a shockwave that causes damage and unbalances nearby enemies. They’re both decent picks though you may want to opt for more reliable passive abilities instead.

The Auto Revive always makes for a good choice, allowing you to rise from the dead and either get revenge on your killer or fall back to regroup.

Jormungandr in teams

The Jormungandr can handle themselves in a one on one fight, but they will need to backup allies and lock down objectives in larger team games. Their beefiness does make them ideal for mowing down creeps when playing Breach or Dominion.

When it comes to team fights, the Jormungandr can channel their tank prowess to draw attacks away from your comrades. If lucky, you can single out targets and hit them with a barrage of attacks to whittle down their health and stamina. Another helpful tactic is to orbit enemies that are already engaged, creating pressure and using the Jotunn moves to not only shred their stamina but leave them open to attacks.

Attach yourself you a Valkyrie, Centurion, or another Jormungandr if you can. The more opportunities you have to unbalance your opponents, the more you can put the Jormungandr’s Hamarr slam to use.

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