Sony will announce PS5 release date at PlayStation Meeting 2020 event – rumour

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With Microsoft’s next Xbox (also referred to as “Project Scarlett) – set to launch during the 2020 holiday season, we’ve been patiently waiting for Sony to announce the release date for the PlayStation 5.

According to a supposedly leaked marketing e-mail which was originally posted on 4chan and NeoGaf message boards, Sony will be hosting an event early next year where the PS5 will be officially unveiled. Not only that, we’ll get launch dates locked in for both The Last of Us: Part II and Ghost of Tsushima.


The event will be called PlayStation Meeting 2020 and will take place on February 12th next year. Naturally, the core focus of this showcase will be the PlayStation 5 console which will finally make its debut appearance as Sony outlines its plans for the future of the PlayStation ecosystem.

With the PS4 still selling like hotcakes, Sony will also be pumping up its two major exclusives of 2020, The Last of Us: Part II and Sucker Punch’s Ghost of Tsushima. Neither game currently has an official release date though the source of this rumour mentions that The Last of Us: Part II has been slated for May 2020.

It seems likely that both will come out during the first half of 2020 though Sony may be gearing up to push them as “cross-gen” titles.

The “leaked e-mail” also makes reference to a PSVR 2 prototype, alleging that Sony’s second iteration of the head mounted display will be arriving in 2021.

Needless to say, nothing you read here has been officially verified by Sony. It’s likely mere speculation but, even then, some of these predictions may turn out to be true.

Sony will certainly have a reveal event for the PlayStation 5 at least several months before launch, just as it had with the PlayStation 4. February actually sounds fairly plausible, as does the rumour that the company is beavering away on a PSVR 2 prototype.

However, if Sony is looking to sell what is sure to be an expensive new piece of hardware to consumers, it needs to secure a strong launch lineup. Hopefully we’ll start to seeing teasers of exactly what the PS5 has in store as we edge slowly towards 2020.

Source: Games Radar

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