Borderlands 3 adds Circle of Slaughter arenas and Proving Grounds, new trailer released

Vault Hunters in Borderlands 3 will have the chance to grab some top-tier loot in two new activities, the first of which are the Circle of Slaughter arenas. Over to Gearbox to explain how they work:

Throughout Borderlands 3’s journey across the solar system, you’ll find Circle of Slaughter arenas sponsored by the combustion-obsessed weapons manufacturers at Torgue. Once you’ve signed up for a Circle of Slaughter, it’s do or die; if you’re downed and no one’s around to revive you, your run is officially over and you can say goodbye to a big payout.

You’ll be up against an army of enemies who attack in droves across five rounds with multiple waves each, blasting everything that moves until no bandit, ‘bot, or hostile beast is left standing. All the while, your delicate ears will be graced by the expletive-filled hollering of Mister Torgue himself, who provides some extremely colorful commentary and doesn’t tolerate failure.

If you’re hoping to impress Mister Torgue and his impossibly massive pecs, you can show off some flair by completing bonus objectives like racking up kills via melee attacks, ground slams, or—if you really want to pander to your target audience—grenades. EXPLOSIONS!

The later stages of the campaign will introduce the Proving Grounds which are run by a Guardian called the Overseer who is testing Vault Hunters on behalf of a mysterious and unrevealed power. Here’s more from Gearbox:

Proving Grounds are races against the clock, tasking you with blitzing your way through three areas filled with baddies and beating a boss in 30 minutes or less. If you complete your chosen Trial quickly and efficiently you’ll earn better bounties, and for even greater rewards you can complete bonus objectives like beating the Proving Grounds without dying, completing it with a certain amount of time remaining, or managing to find and eliminate an elusive Fallen Guardian who roams the area. The chest that awaits at the end of the Proving Grounds always contains valuable loot, but you’ll need to display true mastery if you want the best rewards.

There’s also a new trailer fresh from Gamescom with Lilith and the Crimson Raiders giving you the “Official Guide to the Borderlands”.

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It was recently revealed that rapper and actor Ice T will be voicing the sentient teddy bear Balex in Borderlands 3.

Borderlands 3 will launch on 13th September on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Google Stadia, and the PC version will be an Epic Games Store exclusive for a year.

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