Planet Zoo early access beta coming late September and will last two weeks


An early access beta for Planet Zoo has been confirmed by Frontier Developments for those who pre-order the management simulator. This beta will be starting on September 24th and will run for two weeks up until October 8th. The content that has been confirmed for the beta will include the first scenario from Planet Zoo’s campaign mode. The first scenario essentially acts as the tutorial introducing the different gameplay systems so players are equipped with the knowledge of running a good zoo, and it will contain animals that have not yet been revealed.

There will also be an introduction to Franchise mode with one biome where players can build there own zoos in any way they wish. In addition the Beta will feature the Animal Exchange so players can swap animals online to increase the diversity within their respective zoos. Planet Zoo launches on November 5th for PC. The regular version will cost £34.99/ €44.99/ $44.99. Planet Zoo Deluxe Edition is  £42.99/€54.99/$54.99.

Source: Press Release

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