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Here’s 30 minutes of Astral Chain for Nintendo Switch, includes wearing a cat on your head

Nintendo are at Gamescom and have released around thirty minutes of footage of upcoming title Astral Chain, an exclusive game for the console developed by Platinum Games. In the video we get to see a load of combat with commentary from the game’s director Takahisa Taura. We also get to see the lead protaginist run about with a cat on his head, because reasons.

The game has you playing as a cop in a futuristic anime world, battling against alien threats using their humanoid special weapon, Legion. The game is built around, get this, “a synergetic action system of battle and exploration.”

Being a police officer, the game fortunately shows that it’s not all about beating up supernatural perps and brings in some detective work for you to work your way through as well. If you’ve played one of Rocksteady’s Batman games you’ll have a good idea of how it works, even matching its blue-tinged visuals when you enter detective mode – wait, I mean IRIS mode.

In IRIS mode you gather evidence by replaying events via the police’s holographic reconstruction. Once you’ve built up a timeline and gathered your evidence, Captain Max, or Captain Dad as he actually is, will quiz you on what you think you’ve discovered.

The game’s twist is that you are tethered to a Chimera known as a Legion that can be called upon whenever you need to battle, like a horrible, writhing, steroid-infused Pokémon. If you have your Legion wrap their chain around an enemy – think a monster-shaped version of Wedge Antilles’ Snowspeeder taking down an AT-AT – they’ll become tethered in place for a short time, giving you the chance to wallop them without any chance of comeuppance until they break free. You can also use your chain to bounce a charging enemy backwards by catching them between yourself and your Legion, which again gives you a few sweet sweet seconds to dole out a fistful of damage.

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