Watch the mind bending Control launch trailer here

Remedy Entertainment and 505 Games latest mind binding action title Control will launch on 27th August and as is tradition there is a new trailer to help flog the game.

The trailer begins quite serenely with a ringing phone before things go batshit and there’s explosions, floating enemies, giant worms and also sorts of weird landscapes with geometric blocks.


Remedy Entertainment recently took part in a Q&A session with IGN where people were able to send in questions for the developers to answer about the upcoming sci-fi thriller Control. In this session Remedy was asked about additional modes coming to the game, the length of the story, what the company is most excited for players to discover, how much exposition about the world players are given and how much they have to discover themselves, and the checkpoint system within Control.

Remedy stated that the campaign could last 10-15 hours depending on the player, but if players look to seek out additional information and do the side quests that pop up as well then that time could be pushed to approximately 20 hours. Some of the side missions will include Bureau Alerts where certain areas become infested with the Hiss, the game’s enemy, or a mini-boss that will only appear at a certain time. Remedy also confirmed that a photo mode will be added to the game post launch. However, there are no challenge or survival modes, and a new game plus mode will not be added due to technical issues and the small size of the team.

In Control players won’t have all of the answers given to them. Jesse, the protagonist, will give some exposition in regards to what is happening but players will be encouraged to explore all the areas to find other clues and try to piece together the mystery of the game. Even Jesse’s statements can’t be taken at face value as she is not aware of everything that is happening either. The story of Control isn’t self-contained either, explain Remedy, and that the game’s story is only one part to a much larger puzzle within the Bureau’s own history.

Control will have a checkpoint system in place which will also act as fast travel points. Initially the studio wanted very few of these points but realised during testing that it was taking too long for players to get back to the action of the game, which could be frustrating in its own way. There won’t be an overabundance of checkpoints but enough for players not to feel that they’ve go to trek for ages before getting back into the fight with the Hiss.

Read our hands on preview of Control here.

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