Rainbow Six Siege and The Elder Scrolls Online are free to play this week

Two big online games are going to let you dive in and play for free this week with The Elder Scrolls Online Free Play Event beginning today, Tuesday August 27th at 2:00PM EDT and continuing until Tuesday September 3rd.

During this period you will be able to play the the base game on all platforms, PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, and play for free without any restrictions. “The base game includes access to four powerful Classes, 23 unique zones filled with adventures, the game’s epic main story questline, and much more,” say Bethesda. “That’s hundreds of hours of adventure in the ever-growing world of Tamriel!”


You will also visit he island home of the Dark Elves, Morrowind, and help the Tribunal member Vivec restore his lost power, plus check out the prologue to Elsweyr. If you played the game during a previous free to play event you can pick up where you left off, and any new accounts get  500 crowns for the in-game Crown Store. To join the orc slaying visit the Free Play page and select your platform.

If spell crafting and epic questing is not your bag then Ubisoft are looking to tempt you with something a little more realistic with a week long free to play event in Rainbow Six Siege.

The free version of Rainbow Six Siege offers access to all maps and modes, giving you the full Siege experience over the week. Being a Ubisoft game they have to make things as complicated as possible so here are the timings for the various regions and platforms.

PlayStation 4 owners will be pleased to know you will not need PlayStation Plus to join in the fun. If you take a liking to the game then the full title will be on sale with up to 70% the full retail price. For more information and download links for the game head over to Ubisoft. 

Source: ESOOnline / Ubisoft

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