Pokémon Sword & Shield camping & character customisation revealed

A handful of new features were revealed for Pokémon Sword & Shield in the latest trailer and update for the game from Nintendo.

As you journey across the UK-themed Galarian region, you’ll be able to do so in style. In depth character customisation is a big new feature in the game, going beyond just changing out tops and bottoms, and extending to outerwear and gloves. You can even get a haircut and put some make up on.

You’ll look great no mater what you get up to on your adventure, and even a spot of camping won’t put a dent in your spiffy new hairdo. Pokémon Camp can be thrown up at any time while journeying, popping up a tent and letting you chill out and just play with your Pokémon friends.

That will allow them to bond and fight better, and the same is true if you camp with other players in one of the Wild areas. Oh, and there’s cooking as well, so get ready to cook up a storm for you and your friends

Two new Pokémon were also revealed: Poktegeist, a ghost that’s made out of tea and wear a broken teapot (because of course), and Cramorant, an eternally hungry water flying type. It can swallow anything it can fit in its fat mouth, and that comes into play when it performs a Surf attack, where it will catch a fish and start chowing down. If attacked while eating, it’ll spit out its food in a reactionary Gulp Missile attack. Lovely.

Pokémon Sword & Shield is out for Nintendo Switch on 15th November.

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