Little Town Hero out in October with music from Undertale creator

Game Freak rarely venture outside of their Pokemon bubble. When they do make a game that doesn’t belong to the massive Nintendo monster-collecting franchise, though, it’s guaranteed to be a weird one. Their latest adventure, Little Town Hero, is no exception. It’s a brand new RPG from the acclaimed developers, and it comes out October 16.

New info on the game, which was previously simply titled TOWN, was divulged at the recent September Nintendo Direct. In Little Town hero, you play as a young boy named Axe who is tasked with defending his town from terrible beasts set on attacking it. He won’t be fending them off with swords and spells, though. Instead, he fights with the vague toolset of “ideas” and “strategies”. Pick the right ideas in turn-based battles that will best counter the actions of your enemy, and you”ll come out on top.

If you need a little help fighting off the ghoulies, though, you can always turn to your townsfolk for assistance. During battle, you can pull out to an over-head map of your area and move spaces to a different part of the map that has other characters on it. Convince them to fight with you mid-battle, and you’ll be backed up by their thoughts and ideas for a guaranteed victory.

Little Town Hero

The aesthetic of Little Town Hero is cute, charming and simple. That visual design is accompanied by an equally charming soundtrack composed by a surprising guest musician. Toby Fox, the composer and creator of the hit Earthbound-inspired indie RPG Undertale, is the composer for Little Town Hero. In a tweet made during the direct, Toby said it was an honor to work with the team, and also revealed that many of his songs were arranged by Hitomi Sato-san. For those unfamiliar, Sato-san is best known for contributing iconic tracks to the music of Pokemon Black and White.

Little Town Hero is set to battle evil on Nintendo Switch on October 16.

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