Here is your daily Death Stranding update: Crabs, Keanu, and TGS 2019

Another day, another post about Death Stranding which reveals bugger all about the game. Trust me, I am as frustrated as you, it had better be mind-spankingly brilliant when it finally arrives.

The good news is that we may get a little more on the title during the Tokyo Game Show as Koijma Productions will be holding a fifty minute long gameplay demo on stage at the show on September 12th, followed by another gameplay demo which will last around thirty minutes and includes a “certain scene”, on September 14th. There will be a third event during the show on the 15th when the Japanese voice cast will assemble on stage as part of a “fan appreciation day.”

Death Stranding is also listed as being at the show in trailer form and will also be be part of the PlayStation Presents Live Show which will be live streamed on YouTube and Twitch.


It has also been revealed that the Japanese version of the game will include the English cast recordings, “There’s also ENG/JPN subtitles so that foreigner living in Japan can also play the JPN ver,” tweeted Kojima.

The man himself has said he is currently “polishing” Death Stranding but he’s not having a break after the game launches as he is already working on his next project. This new project may or may not involve shellfish, it’s a bit hard to tell from his Tweet.

Kojima has also been posting more pictures of him hanging out with celebrities, this time it’s Cyberpunk 2077 and John Wick star, Keanu Reeves, because why not.

Kojima recently gave an interview to the FT on the condition he does not talk about the plot of Death Stranding. Rather than talk about his forthcoming release Kojima did take time to explain how games are art, but also ‘akin to what sushi masters do. Their dishes may be beautiful, but they always have nourishment as the principal goal.’

“If you take something that looks like a banana and give it the title ‘apple’, that works as art. But it doesn’t apply to games,” he said. “We are making things that are interactive. A banana has to be edible after you peel the skin. Cars have to be drivable. For games to be interactive and to deliver the enjoyment, there has to be a reality where there are lots of people backstage making it all happen. That is us – a kind of art-driven service industry.”

Death Stranding will be melting brains and launch on PlayStation 4 on November 8th. Check out our Hub for everything you need to know about the game!

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