Kingdom Hearts III Re:Mind DLC trailer has arrived ahead of Tokyo Game Show

Square Enix has released a brand new trailer for Kingdom Hearts III’s Re:Mind DLC. The trailer has arrived ahead of Tokyo Game Show which kicks off later this week, and the majority of the footage does go through cutscenes though there are some brief looks at the gameplay including battles. I’m not going to pretend it makes sense to me but if you pair this with the previous trailer then you may be able to figure out exactly what Re:Mind will entail exactly.


What we do know from some of the details that has been released is that there will be two new boss battles, a new form for Sora, more information about what Organisation XIII members are about, a free keyblade for all and Japanese audiences will get an English voice over option. In our road to review for the original release Jim wrote this about Kingdom Hearts 3:

It’s a game that dazzles with its recreation of popular Disney properties yet struggles with pacing and faces the unenviable task of wrapping up years and year of storytelling in a way that will satisfy long-time fans.

Kingdom Hearts III’s Re:Mind DLC will be released this winter.

Source: YouTube

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