Check out some more Death Stranding gameplay from TGS 2019

Fresh from the Tokyo Game Show we have some more footage from Death Stranding, almost thirty minutes of exciting gameplay, assuming your idea of exciting gameplay is Norman Reedus sat in a room surrounded by tonnes of product placement.

The new footage finds Sam (Reedus) in his safe house where he has a little dream about his BB breaking free from the glass case before he gets on with his day which seems to include eating floating bugs, staring at Monster Energy drinks, and customising his J.F Rey sunglasses which are available to buy very soon!


The footage also continues Kojima’s bizarre fixation on Norman Reedus penis. Around 2m30s in to the video you will see the camera zoom in on Norm’s crotch and he covers up his junk. This happens a number of times before Norm has had enough and actually smacks the camera. We also get a sequence where Norm has a wee, and then does a number 2 as well, but this is tastefully covered by an advert for Ride on the AMC TV channel… which is hosted by Norman Reedus.

After about twenty minutes of faffing about with terrible selfies we get a tiny bit more of Mads Mikkelsen, who is supping a nice glass of champers, before Sam heads outside to have another wee. It does seem that for a lot of this game you will be literally pissing about.

The demo ends with Sam heading out in to the wild to actually do something. Joking! He stops and has a bath with BB in a suspiciously yellow hot spring. Now I’m not saying the continued urination in the game has anything to do with the colouring of the spring but, well, I am.

But wait! Something interesting has happened! In the last few seconds of the video Sam is joined in the hot spring by a woman. Who is she? The BB’s mother? What is she doing there? Why does she mimic Sam?

All will be revealed on November 8th when Death Stranding launches on PS4.

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