The first three Dragon Quest are games coming to Switch soon

Square Enix has announced it will be releasing the first three Dragon Quest titles to Switch, with all three being available on September 27th. The three titles are Dragon Quest, Dragon Quest II: Luminaries of the Legendary Line & Dragon Quest III: The Seeds of Salvation, which make up the Erdrick trilogy. These will be a digital only release and each will be sold separately.

The first Dragon Quest story follows the ‘Hero’, who is the descendant of Erdrick, as they travel across Alefgard. In Dragon Quest II players are cast as the Prince of Midenhall who seeks out Erdrick’s descendants. It is set a century after the first game. In Dragon Quest III players have to slay the evil known as Baramos who is wreaking havoc upon Aliahan.


Dragon Quest Builders 2 was the last game in the long running series to release, and you can see what Miguel wrote:

It was hard for me to imagine a way to expand on a game that was already so good but Dragon Quest Builders 2 has managed to do just that. A bigger story, new things to build, multiplayer and more make this an absolutely jam-packed experience. Building game enthusiasts will love the blend of crafting and survival management, while Dragon Quest fans are sure to love the unique spin on the long-running JRPG franchise, and if you’re a fan of both? Well, Dragon Quest Builders 2 is the must have game of 2019.

You can read the review here.

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