Google Stadia Premiere Edition announced, replacing Founder’s Edition

Google will be rolling out its cloud based gaming service in November and although we still don’t have a specific launch date for Stadia, it should should be arriving within the next several weeks. If you pre-ordered the Founder’s Edition, that is.


This entry bundle, priced at £119, includes everything you need to get started with Google Stadia although stock is starting to dry up, the Founder’s Edition reportedly selling out in some territories.

As a result, Google has announced a “Premiere Edition” for those who still want to get in some day one game streaming action. Google will be updating its Stadia store from country to country, replacing the Founder’s Edition with the Premiere Edition once the former has sold out.

Google has yet to confirm the price of this new bundle though it has revealed what content will be included. Buyers will net themselves a Chromecast Ultra plug-in device, a Clearly White Stadia controller, 3 months of Stadia Pro, and the full Destiny 2 collection.

There are a few added perks that are still exclusive to the original Founder’s Edition. These include the ability to reserve your online Stadia display name as well as receiving a Buddy Pass, letting you invite a friend to play Stadia for three months.

You’ll also miss out on having a Founder’s badge on your profile as well as getting your hands on that snazzy Midnight Blue Stadia controller.

The Google Stadia Founder’s Edition is still available to pre-order in the UK this morning though it sounds as if it won’t be in stock for much longer.

Source: Twitter

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