Apex Legends Season 3: Meltdown begins in October

Respawn has announced the first details for season three of Apex Legends with the name of this season being Meltdown. Leading this meltdown is the new legend called Crypto, not to be confused with the alien from Destroy All Humans. This Crypto has surveillance drones to watch the action and find ways to avoid face to face combat. Crypto will definitely be one for the players who want to strike from hidden areas and disappear quickly.

A new Battle Pass will be available as well which will have over 100 items including Apex Packs, Legendary Skins and other items themed for season three. Speaking of items a brand new Charge Rifle will be available in the arena. The second series of Ranked mode will also begin when Meltdown arrives. The date you can expect this content to start dropping is October 1st.

The information given today is just the start of the feed with more still to come. No doubt Respawn will soon release the details regarding Crypto’s abilities and give us a look at the character in some gameplay so we can see how he plays. Further, there’s likely to be a look at some of the cosmetic gear that will be added. And the arena itself may get another make over in the third season. Who can say?

Source: Respawn

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