Beholder 2 gets a launch date on PS4, pre-order now and get Beholder for free

We really don’t use the word behold enough these days do we? I think we should change that, it adds a sense of grandeur to any occasion for example “Behold the pizza that I have just cooked”, or “Behold the dog has shitteth in the garden!”

Anyway, Curve Digital and developer Warm Lamp Games have announced that Beholder 2 is coming to PlayStation 4 on 22nd October. There is a special deal for those who pre-order as you will get the first Beholder game completely free and if you have PlayStation Plus then you also get 20% off the asking price.

Beholder 2 places you in the shoes of Evan Redgrave, who has recently been assigned to work at the Ministry. This totalitarian institution is the heart of the nation, where decisions are made, and complaints are handled. Evan is hopeful that he will be able to climb the career ladder and join his father in one of the highest positions. However, the day before he takes up his position, Evan’s father dies. The official Ministry line is that it was suicide, but it’s up to Evan to uncover the truth or choose to work his way up the career ladder towards the coveted seat of the Prime Minister.

Source: Press release

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