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Borderlands 3’s first in-game event is the Halloween-themed Bloody Harvest

Borderlands 3 is getting a Halloween event some time in October, with Bloody Harvest set to fill the game with ghosts and taking players off to a new map to battle spectres and monsters at every turn. It was all revealed in the first Borderlands Show stream over the weekend.

The Bloody Harvest event is free for all players, and one of the many free updates and events planned as Gearbox take a little inspiration from the Games as a Service model.

You’ll encounter Haunted enemies as you start to explore the galaxy on the Sanctuary III, but killing them will see their ghosts come back to, well, haunt you. This can give you the Terror debuff if you touch them, which clouds you vision, and weakens gun handling, accuracy and spread.

As you explore you’ll earn “Hecktoplasm” which can be turned into Maurice, a dinoosaur-like buddy for your interstellar travels. You’ll also earn entry to the Bloody Harvest map, which features winged Rakk-O’-Lanterns in the sky, Maliwan goons coming out to fight in a graveyard, and a Ratch-infested pit with rivers of blood. Lovely. It all leads up to a battle with the Baron of Bloody Harvest, Captain Haunt, who you might recognise as a slightly scarier version of Captain Traunt.

Rewarding you are some new costumes and cosmetic rewards. There’s an ECHO Device Skin, a Weapon Trinket, a skin for all four Vault Hunters and a Global Weapon Skin for defeating enough undead. There’s also Legendary loot to hunt for including two guns and a shield with the new Terror mechanic and a grenade mod.

There’s no specific date for Bloody Harvest’s launch, but it will be coming along in October to be all kinds of spooky for Halloween.

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