Manage a Dwarven mining colony in Hammerting

Warpzone Studios and Team17 have revealed a brand new colony management game, and that is Hammerting. In this one players have to manage a Dwarven mining colony as it grows while also having some RPG elements within it. You can’t help but think a little of Dwarf Fortress though that game is very complicated for starters. Hammerting seems to be more accessible and allows players to find valuables, and it also looks like there will be trouble.


The Hammerting colony has been tasked with providing weapons and armour for an army that is battling evil forces on the surface, though evil lurks underground too. It’s unclear how much of an effect the colonies actions underground will have on the war on the surface. Hammerting has been confirmed for Steam and will be an Early Access title when it comes out.

Source: Press Release

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