Wrestledunk Sports is a multiplayer game coming to Switch

Team Fractal Alligator, the developer behind Hacknet, has announced its next game with this being a complete change in style. The new game is called Wrestledunk Sports and it’s a multiplayer sports title that includes all sorts of competitive faceoffs. Those sports include volleyball, wrestling, fencing, and smashball. It looks bonkers.


Wrestledunk Sports will support both local and online multiplayer with the game currently confirmed for Switch only. The full features have been listed below.

  • Super high performance local and online play
  • Swap seamlessly between 4 exciting sports
  • Dozens of arenas per-sport, loads of exciting environments
  • SFX and music by Chris Larkin (Hollow Knight) with additional tracks by 2Mello
  • Supports any and all controllers that you can connect to it
  • Up to 8 players!

A release date for Wrestledunk Sports is yet to be confirmed.

Source: YouTube

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