Adventure In Aellion announced, heading to Early Access in February

Adventure In Aellion has been announced as the debut title from studio The Game Production Company, and it’s an open-world adventure game that has an emphasis on co-operative multiplayer. The world of Aellion is full of different dungeons and enemies to face off against as well as puzzles to solve, which can be tackled solo or in a party. The multiplayer system is designed so players can drop in or drop out at any time.


Studio director Luke O’Donoghue had the following to say about this debut title.

I’ve always wondered about the lack of cooperative adventure games where you could be exploring a dungeon or climbing a mountain and friends can drop in and join you.

It’s important for us to deliver a complete experience to the player, where they aren’t distracted with thoughts of having to pay extra to unlock more content.
In the world of Aellion you progress by discovering on your own or working with your friends.

Adventure in Aellion will be playable at EGX which is taking place between October 17th and October 20th. The game itself is planned to head to Steam Early Access om February 28th.

Source: Press Release

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