Death Stranding’s new trailer focuses on The Drop of a case

A new trailer has arrived for Death Stranding which shows some of the dangers protagonist Sam Bridges, played by Norman Reedus, will be facing on his journey. In this case, the main danger appears to be a group that aren’t pleased with Sam’s mission to reconnect the world from coast to coast and appear to want to take him out. Of course, Sam fights back by the enemy got the drop on him here and he also drops the case he was carrying. Either reason may be why the trailer is called The Drop.


A couple of days ago the track listing for the Death Stranding tie in album Timefall was confirmed, with a new Chrvches song released to mark the announcement. That announcement followed the news Death Stranding had gone gold and would not require PlayStation Plus to access the online portion of the game. This online portion is the Strand system which is an asynchronous portion.

Officially the Strand system is described as follows:

Help other travellers without ever crossing paths via asynchronous online gameplay. Send supplies, share safe houses and walk in the footsteps of fellow couriers to reunite civilisation.

Death Stranding will be releasing in just over a month’s time on November 8th exclusively for PS4.

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