Lonely Mountains: Downhill brings perilous biking later this month

Megagon Industries are hurtling toward the release of their downhill mountain biking game Lonely Mountains: Downhill – note, it’s ‘lonely’, not ‘lovely’. The game will be out for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC via Steam on 23rd October. It will also be on Xbox Game Pass from day one.


Lonely Mountains pits you and your bike against treacherous mountain trails, tasking you with threading the needle between trees and rocks, mastering jumps, and setting record times on the leaderboards. That seems too be difficult enough from the launch trailer, but it’s made even more challenging by the newly revealed Night Mode, where there’s nothing but a little headlight to illuminate your path forward.

Daniel Helbig, co-founder and one of the three devs from Megagon Industries, said, “We’re super excited to finally have the finish line in sight. Thanks to all our Kickstarter backers for their patience and for staying with us on the ride. We’re really looking forward to see if our leaderboard times can last longer than a day.”

Source: press release

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