RuneScape Mobile early access coming soon

RuneScape developer Jagex has announced that a mobile version of its modern MMO will be rolling out very soon. Currently this port for smartphones and tablets is in closed beta though more players will get a chance to experience it as we approach the game’s full launch.

Jagex plans to invite those who currently have an active RuneScape account to the beta – on Android, at least. An iOS beta or release date has yet to be officially confirmed though details will hopefully be coming shortly.


After testing, RuneScape Mobile will enter early access with anyone interested able sign up for a founder’s pack. This includes access to the online RPG as well as a new emote, a new pet, and a new armour set.

During RuneFest 2019, the team showed off improvements made to this upcoming version of their flagship MMO. To accommodate those using smartphones, action hotbars and menus have been scaled down and repositioned in a way to help focus on the in game action without obstructing the player’s view.

Jagex also confirmed that RuneScape for mobiles will feature cross play and cross progression with the RuneScape PC client. This means that you can switch freely between any device and continue your journey.

Even if you’re a desktop die hard, having RuneScape installed on a handheld device may still enhance your overall experience. Push notifications will alert you on updates which can be particularly handy when training skills – one example given was an alert for when crops have fully grown and are ready to harvest. A great tool for RuneScape’s farmers, then.

Last year, the British studio released Old School RuneScape for mobile devices. For those of you sat there a bit confused, this crystallised version of the online RPG (usually referred to as OSRS) dials the game back to how it was in 2007.

On the surface that means fewer skills, fewer quests, and on the whole a lot less activities for players to participate in compared to modern RuneScape.

With that said, there’s still a voracious appetite for this older iteration of the game and Jagex has been adding original content and quality of life features. When it arrived on Android and Apple devices in 2018, the player population for OSRS shot up massively.

Jagex is no doubt hoping to convert some of those players when its beefier, younger counterpart arrives on mobiles in the near future.

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