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Cat Quest II heads to consoles in a couple of weeks

PQube has confirmed that Cat Quest II will be released for consoles with the game heading to PS4, Switch, and Xbox One on October 24th. If you haven’t seen the game before think of it as an open-world 2D RPG where the cat nation of Felingrad is at war with the dog dominated Lupus Empire, and players can play as either a cat or dog.

Cat Quest II has a co-op mode where players can pair up as cat & dog as they traverse Felingrad as two characters fight to reclaim their thrones. This sequel has brand new weapons like staves and master swords, new spells to master, and new passive abilities that can give characters additional bonuses. Dungeons have been expanded as new traps and enemies make themselves known, while there are also plenty of side quests to cover.

We haven’t review Cat Quest II yet, but here’s an excerpt from the review of the original.

Cat Quest is definitely good fun for a few hours and can be quite humorous, but a lack of depth to the basic gameplay loop means it gets repetitive and it’s easy to lose interest.  Once you reach that point, tolerance for cat puns wears thin and the bright, cheerful aesthetic, while nicely realised and attractive enough, isn’t enough to keep people coming back. The only thing left to look forward to is the quirky side quests, which can be written well enough but again, are based around cat puns.

You can read the full review for the original Cat Quest here.

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