Side scrolling action RPG Dark Devotion releases soon for PS4 and Switch

Hibernian Workshop’s sidescrolling action RPG Dark Devotion has a console release date, with the game heading to both PS4 and Switch on October 24th. Players will have to traipse the twisted temple filled with enemies and learn to survive while fending off attacks. It doesn’t appear to be an easy looking journey with battles looking like they could be tight in the new trailer below.


Dark Devotion released earlier this year for PC on Steam and has received some generally positive reviews. Player choice will have some impact the campaign and there are 18 bosses to find and fight.

Louis Denizet, CEO at Hibernian Workshop had the following to say.

“Being able to introduce Dark Devotion to RPG fans across both PC and soon consoles has been nothing short of a dream come true for us. We’re so grateful to our passionate community for sticking by us through development and embracing our debut effort so warmly, and we’re eager to see how the new console players fare on their journey to prove their faith.”

Players will have a number of different styles to tackle the game with different weapons giving different advantages in fights

Source: Press Release

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