Stellaris: Galaxy Command announced for mobile devices, in limited beta now

Paradox Interactive has decided to bring the Space RTS franchise Stellaris to iOS and Android, and has revealed Stellaris: Galaxy Command as a result. It’s a free to play title in which players are given their own orbital space stations and from there have to rebuild their civilizations. Paradox has stated the experience is player-driven with players needing to trade with each other and create alliances to rebuild. The universe will change depending on how players interact with each other, including how rivals decide to sort out their differences.


Players will able to research tech, decide on their civilization’s ethics, and build fleets that can be used to expand territory and attack others. Paradox has stated Stellaris Galaxy Command has been designed for short play sessions so players can set what they want to do and then leave the game to carry out the commands. Players in Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada can enter the limited beta now by going to the App or Play Store depending on the device. Everyone else can pre-register through the official site.

Source: Press Release

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