For Honor Halloween event live ahead of next hero reveal

Once again, For Honor fans are bracing themselves for another visit from the Otherworld. Ubisoft Montreal has kicked off its Halloween event for the popular online fighter with an exclusive game mode to take part in and some spooky prizes up for grabs.


The event is now live and will run up until November 1st. For the next couple of weeks you’ll be able to take part in a new match type for Fangs of the Otherworld dubbed “Spooky Slashers”. It follows a familiar template with fighters wrestling for control of a map’s capture points. However, among the rank and file soldiers you’ll also find powerful demons that can only be taken down if you activate a power up.

This isn’t the first time For Honor’s brutal medieval battlefields have been tinged by the supernatural. Previous Otherworld events have seen skeleton warriors replace your typical faction grunts, decked out in fun party hats. Halloween 2019’s theme seems to be focusing on werewolves and vampires – here are the rewards you can unlock:

  • Battle Outfit: Apotropaic
  • Ornament: Apotropaic Charm
  • Idle Effect: Apotropaic Ritual
  • Emote Effect: Apotropaic Ritual
  • Execution Effect: Apotropaic Ritual
  • Ornament: From the Underworld (only in Spooky Slashers & Arcade Weekly Quests)

Each of the game’s playable characters will also receive an additional set of weapon cosmetics that can be unlocked.

By the time Fangs of the Otherworld draws to a close, we’re likely to have an update on For Honor’s next hero from Ubisoft’s Montreal studio. The game is just a couple of weeks away from wrapping up its third season of the year with Y3S4 just around the corner.

We already know an important detail about this upcoming fighter: their weapon. At the beginning of the year, Ubisoft posted a piece of artwork for Year 3 showing the weapons of each of the newcomers. This included the Black Prior’s sword and shield, the Hitokiri’s axe, and the Jormungandr’s hammer, the last weapon being a Chinese style long sword.

Hopefully we won’t have to wait long for more details to drop.

Source: Ubisoft

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