Borderlands 3’s Bloody Harvest event begins this week

Last month Gearbox confirmed the first free post-launch event that players would be able to experience and that was announced to be Bloody Harvest. Today, it has been confirmed exactly when Borderlands 3 players will be able to play the new content, and the wait isn’t that long. Bloody Harvest will run from October 24th until December 5th. To mark the news a new trailer has been released.


Players will be battling against a new boss called Captain Haunt, who seems to have borrowed some green skull spells from Mortal Kombat’s Shang Tsung. The smaller enemies are the undead who come back to haunt your vault hunter, as well as other types of enemies. The Terror debuff will also be introduced through Bloody Harvest and with this if an enemy touches you then your vision will be clouded and weapon accuracy will drop, spread, and gun handling. All help isn’t lost as you’ll earn hecktoplasm to bring to life Maurice the dinosaur-like buddy.

Players will be able to earn skins for all of the vault hunters, a weapon trinket, ECHO skin, and global weapon skin for killing many undead. There’s also legendary loot to find as well.

Source: Press Release

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