Rainbow Six Siege update outlines new operator changes

Ubisoft has published its latest round of designer’s notes, giving fans of the tactical Tom Clancy shooter an insight into how Siege is constantly being reworked and balanced by its development team.

If you’re a regular competitive player than you may want to take note of some upcoming changes to operators including Warden, Glaz, and Twitch. Meanwhile Blackbeard, Nokk, Kaid, and Jackal are currently being eyed up for future reworks.

Using the data it collects from matches – as well as community feedback – informs these design changes. Ubisoft takes note of which operators get most frequently picked and ones most frequently are banned with win rate being another important metric. Typically, the developers will try and make less popular heroes more viable and attractive to players while favourites are examined to see whether they are slightly overpowered.

Here are the operator changes being rolled out as part of the Y4S3.3 update (with notes from the design team):


  • F2 magazine capacity reduced from 30 to 25

Twitch is still one of the top performing Operators, and despite a minor recoil nerf in an earlier patch she remains a top attacker. We’re reducing her magazine capacity to lower her fragging ability, but no changes to her gadget as we feel her ability remains crucial to teamplay and is in a good spot now.


  • Changing Warden’s from a 1 speed, 3 armor Operator to 2 speed 2 armor

Warden’s presence is quite low, and we want to address that. By increasing his speed, he will have more opportunities to use his ability effectively. This is a first step into increasing the potential surrounding Warden operator and his gadget. We are also taking larger changes to his kit under consideration for the future.


  • Rate of fire increased for the OTs-03 by 33% (from 285 to 380 rounds per minute.)

We are still looking to calibrate the Russian sniper to find the right balance. We are quite happy about the previous work done to address the frustration stemming from his gadget but would like to increase his presence as he is the least played attacker now.

Rainbow Six Siege is currently in the third season of Year 4, having recently introduced two new operators as part of Operation: Ember Rise. This seasonal update also saw a rework of the Kanal map, Ubisoft also adding a battle pass progression system to the game.

Source: Ubisoft

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