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Dying Light X Left 4 Dead 2 collaboration announced out of nowhere [Updated]

Even with Techland hard at work on Dying Light 2, they’re still giving some love to owners of the original game, with a surprising Dying Light X Left 4 Dead 2 announced out of the blue on Twitter.

Update: More details have now been confirmed. The in-game event starts today, 24th October, and lasts for four days. You have a set of challenges to complete, fighting more intense hordes than usual, and those completing the objectives in time will earn blueprints to craft the Electric Guitar, Frying Pan, and Golf Club from L4D2.

If you miss the event, these standard blueprints for these weapons will be made available as free DLC.

What the content will entail isn’t exactly clear, but from the artwork in the announcement tweet, it certainly seems to lean to the more cosmetic side of things. Three weapons are clearly on show – a frying pan, guitar and golf club – as well as an outfit that certainly looks a lot like Ellis, one of the four survivors in L4D2. There’s also one of the distinctive yellow hazmat zombies sprinting in from the left hand side.

It’s also not clear just yet whether this will be free or paid content, but given Techland’s track record with free additions to the game, you’d bet on the former when the crossover is released.

It’s a barmy team up, considering that both games tramp around in the same co-op zombie battling realms, and that both are getting particularly long in the tooth. Dying Light debuted in January 2015, making it nearly 5 years old, while Left 4 Dead 2 just celebrated its 10th birthday on 17th October!

The sequel, Dying Light 2 is due out in spring 2020, but has also been confirmed for PlayStation 5 and Project Scarlett. We checked out the game back at E3, exploring its branching narrative and possibilities with Miguel saying, “Dying Light 2 takes everything from the original that worked so well, and strives to bring the weaker aspects up to the same level. Parkour and combat looks as crunchy as ever, along with gorgeous visuals and lighting that complement the carnage beautifully. […] Every choice and action ripples in a way that truly matters, and I can’t wait to see how the full experience evolves with these ambitious narrative mechanics in play.”

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