Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s November 5th update adds permanent Nuketown playlist

Treyarch has outlines what Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 players can expect over the coming week as the studio prepares to release its next big update for the game. Alongside that, the studio has confirmed that both the Pandemic Blackout mode and Infected: Final Stand mode are going to be returning this week to mark Halloween. Zombies players will be able to still earn double Nebulium Plasma until November 1st too.

As for the big update on November 5th players can expect the Nuketown playlist to become a permanent fixture. The rest of the update will include:

  • New rewards to earn, including the all-new MicroMG 9mm SMG (first on PS4)

  • “An Ice Day in Hell”, our new Gauntlet for “Tag der Toten” in Zombies (first on PS4)

  • Weapon tuning for the AN-94 and Echohawk Dual Bore in Multiplayer

  • Scythe tuning for Reaper in Multiplayer

  • Zombies weapon tuning for the Reaver C86 and other weapon improvements & fixes

  • Several Zombies improvements and bug fixes, including fixes for the outro cutscene error in “Tag der Toten”, unlocking Diamond Camo on the Hellion Salvo, Dying Wish not always activating upon death, and more

  • Create-a-Class fix for Weapon Charms and Death Effects not always staying equipped

That isn’t everything though. Featured playlists will award double XP to players, and soon after there will be changes to the Black Market so players can earn rewards from it just through playing. More details will be released on that soon, alongside all of the patch notes for the November 5th update.

Source: Reddit

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