Steep season 12 is now live and tasks players with sneaking into enemy territory

Steep is a game about winter sports. Snowboarding, skiing, wingsuit flying around mountains. Steep is not generally considered as a game that has enemies and stealth missions, but that changes with Steep’s season 12 which brings in the Active Descent System. In the main event, players are tasked with getting some intelligence in an enemy area without being detected. The trailer doesn’t give too much away except for the operator gear you may get.


There will be a number of challenges going live this November as well and they are listed below.

We have 6 new challenges for you to test your skills:

  • Week of Nov. 12
    • Undercover Agent – Try to win the bronze medal of [Fallen Rocks] challenge putting smoke bomb on your wingsuit (Alps). Watch the rocks!
    • Chalet Mission – Accumulate 50 tricks on [Village Valec] challenge following the route (Alps)
    • Special Tricks – Accumulate 15 cork tricks on the [Tricksmaster] challenge (Alps)
  • Week of Nov. 19
    • Performance – Win 10 gold medals playing any Wingsuit challenge
  • Week of Nov. 26
    • Performance – Finish the [White Wings] with more than [26 000] pts (Alps)
    • Thanksgiving Challenge – Take 3 amazing pictures (no filter) wearing the “Turkey Helmet” anywhere in Aoste region (Alps)

The Steep World tournament will also be starting on November 8th and is open to all players. Phase one will require players to complete one of four challenges, but all four can be completed to get a chance to get through to phase two. All of phase one’s challenges require using the wingsuit to record a speedy descent. Phase two is another wingsuit race with the top 100 players getting through to the finals. Players will have 200 tries to improve their scores in phase two. Phase three is a ground freeride with players needing to jump over chalets. Players here have 20 tries to break into the top 3. The rewards for the top three are:

  • 1st Place: Snowboard Jager + 50,000 STEEP CREDITS
  • 2nd Place: Snowboard Jager + 25,000 STEEP CREDITS
  • 3rd Place: Snowboard Jager + 12,500 STEEP CREDITS

Source: Ubisoft

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