Monster Hunter World’s Horizon Zero Dawn event starts this month

Back in August there was confirmation there was going to be a Monster Hunter World: Iceborne and Horizon Zero Dawn crossover, bringing over Aloy and equipment that monster hunters can equip. Now we know that this event will start on November 21st. Players who have a rank of 24 or higher will have the chance to craft a light bowgun that looks like Aloy’s Stormslinger weapon, though the materials will have to be gathered through the quest. Players will be awarded with a Pendant that looks like Aloy’s Focus on completion of the quest. As you may guess this collaboration is a PS4 exclusive. November 21st is only the start as extra events will arrive in December allowing players to craft the Banuk armour set. Other quests to upgrade Aloy’s Bow and the Felyne Watcher will also be available.

The Horizon Zero Dawn collaboration isn’t the only one though. Starting November 8th there’s the Resident Evil crossover with Leon, Claire, and Tyrant all making an appearance. In this collaboration event players with rank 20 or higher will be able to get materials to craft a Leon and Claire armour set as well as get three Racoon City pendants to equip. Two gestures will also be awarded including a zombie shuffle and the ability to bite monsters to deal some damage. You’ll also be able to pay for a Tyrant costume.


In December a new monster will be added to Monster Hunter World: Iceborne and as it’s Christmas time there will be a lot of seasonal events taking place in both Astera and Seliana. Previous event related quests will return along with limited bounties for equipment.

Source: Press Release

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